Chaintech Germany,boosting China

Schmidt Elevator, dedicated to providing passengers with a full range of safe transport systems.Adhering to
the international elevator advanced technology,especially the introduction of Germany’s advanced security
design concept for the Chinese market to provide a more secure, reliable, environmentally friendly and
efficient elevator full range of products and services;At the same time to meetthe individual needs of
customers to provide innovative and energy-efficient product design overall solution.

Schmidt (Chongqing) elevator factory settled in Chongqing Dazuwangu ancient industrial park,Close to
Yurong Expressway, sitting on the western construction of the aorta,its excellent location also for
Schmidt Elevator occupied the entire western market has laid a solid foundation.

Lean Manufacturing,Heritable Quality

Schmidt elevator treats lean manufacturing as the brand?spirit.spirit With the elevator industry as a carrier and with the help of?German-made fine tip technology,the advanced production equipment and manufacturing technology has been introducedto develop Innovative energy-saving products and to provide?the cities with safe and comfortable green vertical?transportation equipment.Company products cover a full range of passenger elevators, and cargo elevators, escalators, automatic pedestrian trails, and so on.

Leading Service, All?Round Protection

Schmidt elevators integrate the concept of professional services?into every single piece of operating equipment. Professional and quick?installation ways, as well as the safe and reliable maintenance and protection contents make a best illustration to the perfect service concept of?the elevators.

Has a group of professionally installed maintenance and service awareness training of personnel, in accordance with the unified service process and the service content of the standard, provides the high quality service for the customer.
Establish perfect escalator maintenance system, the basic data of the escalator to all customers, repair records, parts replacement record information such as the efficient management, better service to customers.
Through the complete spare parts management system, with instant online query confirm parts inventory, and in a short period of time would be delivered parts must be accurate, to meet customer needs.
In various forms, such as a questionnaire to communicate with customers, understanding customer comments and requirements, more effectively improve the quality of our service.

Classic Case

?We constantly strive to “constantly create move?and pleasant surprise for customers” in order to make customers?cozier, to reduce energy consumption and to take responsibdlty of a?global citizen. Product safety, high efficiency, low carbon is the sources of our unswerving driving forces.

News and information

Schmidt hoped that through the related news and elevator knowledge, let you understand the elevator at the same time, also can have a deeper understanding to us.